For some time, the Department of Literature and its platform{DH} have organised a number of workshops and other training events at the University of Antwerp. Notably, the platformDH has organised an annual series spring and summer schools in Digital Humanities.

In 2014,  the Department launched its first Spring Academy in DH, with a focus on Python and related technologies. In 2015, the Spring Academy was scheduled right after that year’s edition of the DH Benelux conference (also hosted in Antwerp), and focussed on data visualisation. And in 2016, a hands-on master class in text digitisation called Demystifying Digitisation was organised the week before the joint DiXiT 3 / ESTS 2016 conference took place in Antwerp.

In 2018, the platform{DH}’s summer schools became an official part of the Antwerp Summer University programme. This Antwerp Summer School in Digital Humanities was extended to a full week, became an official part of the UAntwerp’s curriculum, and allows its participants to earn ECTS credits upon successful completion (either 3 or 6 ECTS depending on whether the student completes an optional additional assignment). This official summer school has a maximum capacity of 30 students, and has been sold out every year.

Alongside this annual training event, a number of other workshops were organised more sporadically, such as the Training Workshops of the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project, or other (pre-conference) workshops organised by the Centre for Manuscript Genetics.